What are Alternatives If You’re Facing Foreclosure?

There are many reasons that a homeowner may be facing foreclosure. Job loss, unexpected home repairs, unexpected illness or medical emergencies, divorce, or an increase in bills and debt payments are all events that can throw people into this unfortunate situation.  There are downsides to foreclosure for the homeowner beyond just losing the property. The … Continued

How Many Payments Can I Miss Before Foreclosure?

Are you wondering how many mortgage payments you can miss before foreclosure the foreclosure process begins? Honestly, there is no one answer to this question. The number of missed payments before foreclosure varies depending on the policies of the lender and your personal financial situation. Some banks are lenient and work with you to avoid … Continued

Selling a Home in Bad Neighborhood

In the current housing market, many homeowners are getting ready to throw their hats into the ring and sell their property. But what happens if your home is not in the best of neighborhoods? While you may speak to an agent who swears up and down they can sell any home in any location, the … Continued

Dealing with Your Home During a Divorce

Are you faced with selling a house during your divorce? With nearly 50% of marriages ending in divorce, many people may find themselves searching for advice about selling a house before, after, or during a divorce. Houses can be valuable assets, often the most valuable item owned during a marriage. And unlike a bank accountant, … Continued

The Cost of Selling Your Home

There are many reasons people decide to sell their home. You may need more space, be looking to downsize, need to relocate for work or to be closer to family, or have financial concerns. Whatever the reason, selling your home should be simple right? Someone wants your house, and you get paid to let them … Continued

Selling A Home With Low or No Equity

Even in today’s real estate market, homeowners can still find that their homes have little-to-no equity in them. Some may even find themselves “underwater,” with the balance of the mortgage is higher than the current value of the home. This can make it seem impossible to sell.  But what if you need to get out … Continued

Selling a Fire Damaged Home

It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare – a fire turning your family’s home into a blackened husk. After the smoke clears, and you gathered yourself and your loved ones, you’re left with a huge issue – what to do with the damaged property.  Unfortunately, this is a reality for many homeowners each year. According to the … Continued

Selling with a Reverse Mortgage

What Is A Reverse Mortgage? The most common reason why people enact reverse mortgages is they want to retire. A reverse mortgage enables the home seller to change their home’s equity into a lien, which allows them to receive monthly payments. Generally, to get a reverse mortgage, a borrower must be at least 62 years … Continued

How To Avoid Common Real Estate Scams

By now, most of us know that the housing market has been going crazy! Out of state buyers and real estate investors are clamoring for properties all over the country, but not every offer comes from an above-board buyer. So how can you avoid falling for a scam when you are selling your home in … Continued

How Should You Sell Your Home?

Should You Sell to An Investor or List on the MLS? We often speak with homeowners considering the same question: should I sell my home off-market to an investor or list on the MLS exchange with a Realtor? There are many real estate investor websites that self-servingly tout making “hassle-free” cash offers.  We at 60 … Continued

Selling A Home That Needs Major Repairs

If you are a homeowner and intend to sell your property,  the last thing you want to think of is doing home repairs. Even more so if you have done repair work before, since you already know the headaches and hassles that come with the process. From communicating with contractors, to blown budgets, to inevitable … Continued

7 Things Your Real Estate Agent WON’T Tell You

In this market, many people in have been considering throwing their hats in the ring and selling their home. Usually, their minds go directly to listing with a local real estate agent. Maybe it’s the person who sold their neighbor’s house, or the face they see on a sign they drive past on the way … Continued